We have a new addition to our family. But before I flood the internet with cute pics of chubby cheeks, I need to take a minute to celebrate my wife, Victoria.

May 24th was the most intense, emotional, and beautiful day of my life. There were moments of pure wonder... “WOW Victoria is creating life!”... but also moments of terror, watching her body and face contort, hearing these foreign noises grow louder and more intense with each contraction.

She expressed concern, wanted it to stop, didn’t realize it would be this bad, and carried misery in her eyes. Though my words and massages were helpful, I could not remove this pain. There were moments I almost broke down, a few times I did, but I was playing an important role and had to stay focused.

After 18 hours of laboring at home, we headed to the Birth Center. An hour later, she’s ready to push. Just when you think the pain couldn’t get worse, it does.

Nothing could have prepped me for my first experience with birth. I read the books and watched the movies, but when it’s your wife and your child, it’s a completely different story. It’s such a primal experience. With the rush of oxytocin in the brain, you can almost feel your life priorities shift in that moment.

I will never look at Victoria the same. She was already the most impressive and incredible person, but being by her side during labor, watching her sacrifice her body to bring joy into this world... brought up countless feelings of amazement and pride.

She’s already a great mom. I can’t wait to see her grow.

Okay, cute baby pics incoming...